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Vicki Vietzke-Logan

Photography is but one way by which I express my feelings and experiences; my life's journey to the world.  These are some of the images frozen in time that I captured looking through the lens of a camera.  The camera has taught me to change my perspective; my point of view to help find a truth that might not have been visible before.  It has inspired me to see the world in a new light, finding beauty in the ordinary.  It's not about the technical nor is it about the equipment you have.  It's what you see and how you see it.  It's what you want to communicate to the world.  It can be serious, humorous, beauty, what-have-you.  It's imagination and wonder; inspiration and revelation. It's taught me not to take life for granted because, at any time, what was, will not be again; what is cannot remain forever.  Change is the only constant in life and we have to remember what was and what is so that we can preserve the truth for the building of a better future for all life on earth. 

My images are not about the latest and greatest techniques or manipulations.  They are, literally, images I took that I liked and they may or may not have been manipulated to create something else I liked.  Sometimes I really don't have anything more to say than, enjoy!  May your life be happy and full of love!

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